We are thrilled to introduce a limited edition, small-batch collection of yarn from Spindle Hill Farm. Soft, natural, and springy, this is a secret project we’ve been working on, conceived in a farmhouse on the side of a mountain in the Fall of 2019; born, grown, spun & dyed in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Sourced from a family farm in Nelson County,  there are 4 options of this wool-lover’s yarn; two batches of Leicester Longwool from beloved sheep Ernest and Dusk, and 2 batches of Navajo Churro from Pepper. There is a solid batch from Pepper, plus a sweet, mellowed collection, showing the passage of time on her wool. Both yarns were artfully spun at Shenandoah Fiber Mill, a solar-powered mill just outside of Lexington using only environmentally safe practices, to create a 2-ply light sport weight yarn that is hearty, halo-y, and positively farm-fresh. We worked closely with Susan at the mill to make sure we produced a yarn based on what the fiber wanted to be - not forcing the wool to go against its truest nature. There are a limited number of skeins available, and this is your chance to experience some wonderful labor-of-love yarn, collaborated by two friends brought together by sheep, mountains, (many skirting parties by the wood stove!), and a vision of producing honest, natural, authentic yarn.

We are offering some of this yarn dyed our favorite earth colors - inspired by our time immersed in Nature's landscape - and some kept in the sheep’s natural palette, choosing to respect the authenticity and intrinsic beauty of their wool. Our primary focus is on the sheep’s fleece in its natural colorway. However once it's yours, your imagination is your only limitation.