The environment has been a powerful influence in my life - all my life - and it’s evident in all my work. As a child roaming the woods and fields of my grandfather's 1,000-acre farm, I found myself. Every step forged my identity. 

Idlewild was born in a car, motoring to Mississippi to visit my husband's family.  I've been a knitter since 2005 and always felt disappointed by the big box shopping experience of buying buttons. I’d devoted hours and energy crafting a cardigan sweater, and then never being able to find a natural, unique, hand-crafted button was a let down. I knew we knitters could do better. 

Every button or piece of pottery I make contains a thread of nature. Here you will find limited batches of my pots, vessels, plates, bowls - every one, one of a kind. 

Each piece has been hand-thrown or hand-built, and hand glazed. My ceramic forms are minimalist and expressive, so no two pieces are formed alike. Subsequently, that direction is intentional and allows space for flow and expansiveness.