Notions Dish Release


Greetings on this First Day of Spring. The vernal equinox seemed like a good day for my very first blog entry. Does anyone read blogs anymore? I suppose this is the way to find out. 

Today at 4 o’clock EST I am releasing a small collection of notions dishes. I’m finding that I love being a potter because obviously the clay, but also that it satisfies my desire to make and have holders of things - rings, soap, drinks, buttons …


I’ve named each piece after a place that has meaning to me. If you’ve been following me on IG, it’s no new news how influential Place is to me. I’ve seen what I can produce in a wooded forest … but I’m growing curious and ready to stretch my wings. I hope to be able to place myself in some varied landscapes this Summer & Fall with the intention of exploring how those landscapes directly affect my work. 

I’ve found myself slowly moving back into the pottery barn. The March sun warms the planks up now and plunging my hands into a bucket of water isn’t as chilling as it was in January. I’ve been finishing up a couple wholesale orders. And planning a vessel release in April. I haven’t decided on the collection name yet, but I’m close to getting there. 

Thanks for following along on my journey here. Your likes and loves and orders are truly appreciated. 

In mud we trust,



  • Can’t wait to see how your different places influence your work! 🍀

  • I love reading you. Any time, any day. Keep going! 🤗


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