equanimity collection released

Equanimity collection is live in the shop.

A small curated collection of mugs, tumblers, and spoon rests for warm + cozier beverages, taking ceremony with our tea, stirring soups …

Fall is a deeply meditative shift for me. My internal clock, and thus my work, are always guided by the seasons and Fall flows stronger and more poignantly. I feel myself and the earth winding down and letting go after a season of renewal, bursting, and growth.



This collection is me, and nature, preparing for winter. Introspection runs high. I crave grounding. There is a turning inwards.

Nature is speaking, but it is a whisper.



Some of this collection is darkened, as the equinox has been readying us. But look around and you’ll also see glimpses of summer’s last gasp.

Be well. And thank you for being here.


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