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The Leicester Longwool was a popular 18th century breed, and George Washington imported them to America. The breed lost favor and died out in the early 20th Century in the U.S. as domestic fiber production declined and dual-purpose breeds lost favor to meat breeds. But LLs were kept alive in the UK and Australia, and Colonial Williamsburg (right here in Virginia!) brought it back to the United States. We love supporting the preservation of this important and interesting breed. And with Elise’s background in 18th century historical landscape, this was the breed that spoke to a beloved area of expertise!

Earnest is one of our Leicester Longwools and this light sport yarn is hearty, bouncy, and farm-fresh! He is such a good sheep and proudly, stoically produces soft, beautiful wool with lustrous, long locks that have us dreaming and scheming sweaters, hats, shawls- well, anything!

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